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BiO2 Energy Zone


Everything on this planet, people, animals, plants and all matter are made of pulsating electro magnetic frequencies! The earth resonates electro magnetic frequencies as well. Our frequencies effect the earth’s and the earth’s frequencies effect us and everything else that lives and exists.

- Improves micro circulation 
- Increases supply of ions, oxygen & nutrients to cells Increases 
- ATP production Increases and stimulates RNA & DNA production 

- Increases calcium transport and absorption for stronger bones, joints and muscles 
- Stimulates detoxification of the cells and organs
- Alleviates back and joint pain

- Speeds up wound healing 
- Excellent for pre and postoperative therapy 
- Powerful treatment for depression 
- Speeds up protein bio-synthesis 
- Excites the release of endorphins 

These are positive effects the Miracle Mat has on your body. The Miracle Mat augments the body's innate energy to facilitate repair, foster overall wellness, and improve the speed of recovery. 

Our magnetic frequencies are sensitive to our stress levels, what we eat and drink, medications, heavy metals and chemicals we are exposed to, the air we breathe and the environment in which we live. All these things play a role in our health and ability to heal and fight disease.

The BiO2 Energy Zone’s therapies are geared to kick start the process of self-healing.

The Miracle Mat is a Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field that was successfully utilized by the National Aerospace Agency (NASA) to treat their astronauts upon return from their missions in space to regain homeostasis and recuperate from the adverse side effects. It was also greatly touted by the popular Dr. Oz. 

The electro magnetic fields generated by the Miracle Mat therapy are powerful and very effective in alleviating pain and imbalance in the body.

When we experience pain, the electricity emanating from the intricate network of nerve cells throughout our body is extremely elevated creating a storm of activity. This mass of confused electro magnetic energy can manifest as back pain, foot pain, headaches or anywhere the body has dysfunction due to injury and inflammation.

Working to synchronize the grounding electro magnetic fields of the earths energy and the natural energetic flow of our bio energy, the Miracle Mat therapy calms and organizes the over activity of the nervous system. The result of our energy field returning to balance is the alleviation of pain thru increased blood flow delivering more vital oxygen and other nutrients to the cells clearing the pathway for healing to commence.