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FOOD HEALING will give you  the knowledge and awareness to empower yourself 
 enabling you to make healthful choices for your nutrition through foods and supplementation.

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Our food is our medicine!
FOOD HEALING will give you the knowledge and awareness to empower yourself enabling you to make healthful choices for your nutrition through foods and supplementation. It is imperative for good health and a strong immune system to know how to detoxify your body everyday releasing chemicals, harmful bacteria, parasites and heavy metals. Our cells cannot produce high quality energy without Oxygen and high quality fuel. Choosing foods that are unprocessed, organic, non GMO and alive are one way of helping your body produce that high quality energy. These types of foods and an active lifestyle will keep your body more alkaline which is crucial for good health. Foods can be friend or foe but that choice is up to you!  


Greater Energy

Healthy Digestion

Better Sleep

Less Stress

Elevated Mood

Stronger Immune System

Look and Feel Younger

Elevated Quality of Life

Food Healing Sessions

A FOOD HEALING session with Cyndi consists of three appointments and here is what you will gain from each session.

Session # 1

First we will define your goals and find out how the way you feel correlates with how well nourished your body is. Then we can determine the best way to flush out and clear all detoxifying pathways so you can begin to repair and rebuild your internal foundation. This will boost your immune system, ensure better nourishment and help your body generate much more energy!

Session # 2

Here we will examine the foods you enjoy and how they are affecting you. You will learn healthy alternatives for the foods that are preventing you from achieving your goals as well as techniques to prepare them easily, conveniently and make meals taste delicious! We will create your personalized plan to help you increase your cellular oxygen so you can enjoy more stamina and greater endurance for sports, exercise and your daily activities. You will burn fat and help your body reach its desired weight and stay there.   

Session # 3

During this session we will bring it all together and further advance your cleansing techniques, continue to build your food library and target specific needs for supplementation. Now you’ll start to feel the power!