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Benefits of the BARDO Suana
The BARDO Sauna will allow you to experience health,wellness, beauty and healing, all in one.

With each session, you receive scientifically proven treatments for weight loss, beauty enhancement and overall improvement of health. It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for... wellness simplified.
 The BARDO Sauna is the most effective healing device as well as natural, time saving and extremely easy to use. It will induce youthfulness and well being from the very first session. 
This unique system delivers proven therapies that will effectively improve the levels of physical health and wellness for everyone whether they are world class athletes, looking to practice prevention and maintain a healthy lifestyle or battling the most challenging health issues.


Detoxify the body and remove harmful toxins that cause many health issues.

Boost Immune System

 Boost the Immune System to increase resistance to disease and illness.

Improve Workout Recovery

Greatly improve recovery rates following vigorous exercise.


Improve skin elasticity and appearance, slowing down the “aging clock”.

Combat Illness
Help to combat disease and illness, whatever their stage of progression.
Relax Muscles

Relax and soothe sore muscles.

How it Works

A BARDO Sauna regimen will greatly improve your life! 


Removing excess fat, targeting and eliminating cellulite, and Burns 500-600 calories per session


Oxygenating all the cells in your body, increasing energy levels and promoting natural wellbeing and anti-aging in the body

Increased Energy & Health

Enhances athletic performance and increase energy levels