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BiO2 Energy Zone

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Cyndi Menaker

     Cyndi Menaker, is a food healing guru and bio mechanics expert. She is a teacher of Pilates and certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Cyndi is the inventor of her own exercise methodology called “AIM”TM Articulatory Isolated Movement. Using her in depth knowledge of the muscular system, she developed a system to educate clients on how to create strength and balance in the body through isolated joint movement.   

     Combining muscular activation and reflex integration with food healing and detoxification is the most effective way to accomplish a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Our muscles and connective tissue will tell us many things regarding the health and balance of our body. Reading the body and knowing the tools to work with is Cyndi’s expertise.   
She teaches how to use foods to detoxify and rebuild your digestive tract helping to build the immune system and increase alkalinity. Creating delicious nutritional recipes is one of her passions!   

     Cyndi worked at Frenchman’s Creek, a private country club in Palm Beach Gardens for 12 years. She had great success in helping many people decrease pain, strengthen their body and enjoy a more active lifestyle. Wanting to expand and broaden her scope of practice on a holistic level, she joined partners with Dr. Steve to create the BiO2 Energy Zone!  

Cyndi Menaker - Bio2 Energy Zone